Activities 2018

by | Mar 12, 2020

activities held in 2018

Parks are a crucial part of any community. They have a significant effect on the development of children and the happiness of the locality. Ayub Park holds various activities for public interest and awareness every year. People from all walks of life and every income group come and participate in these activities. These activities include public awareness campaigns, festivals, exhibitions, sports events etc. Some of the biggest activities held during the year 2018 are:

Spring Flower festival

Spring festival was held in Ayub Park in March 2018. Flowers of numerous varities were presented in diffrent artistic forms.

kid kare school function

Annual day was celebrated by kidz kare school in March 2018. The function was chaired by President RCCI.

rawal expo

Rawal Expo was organized by Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Stalls of numerous organizations were set up in Topi Rakh Complex. Food court was setup in Lawn. Pet show, Car show and musical night were main events.

ramadan night cricket

Cricket tournament was held in the holy month of Ramdan. Different teams from Rawalpindi and surrounding areas participated and prizes were given to the winning teams.

AHF Ex officers tree plantation event

Plantation activity was held in September 2018. All ex AHF Officers were invited to plant one tree each.

dog show

Dog show was held in Nov 2018. One day was kept for all breeds whereas on second day only germen shepperd dogs were allowdd. Prizes were given to winning dogs.

water conservation nust

A walk was organized by students of NUST to highlight importance of clean drinking water. It also emphasized on conservation of water.