Park Attractions

by | Mar 13, 2020

park attractions

Ayub National Park, commonly known as Ayub Park is located on G.T. Road near Golf Club. The park is spread over 313 acres and includes landscaped gardens, scenic spots and a baradari. There are also three lakes within the park, with water sport facilities, lotus plants and fish. The newly added additions in the park are such that they attract citizens of all ages, interests and income groups. For sports enthusiasts, the park also includes cricket, hockey and football grounds, zip-line facilities, pedal boats, trail and quad bikes.

The park also includes the Jungle Barracks, which have been converted into resorts where guests can stay overnight. Meanwhile, at the Jungle World Theme Park features two interconnected activities – an animal themed amusement park and the twin city’s largest  zoo. Ayub Park has following icons:


Soft Jogging Track

Yoga Morning Routine

Open Air Gym


Maple Garden

Staculia Garden

Botanical Garden


Lotus lake

Lake 2

Lake 3


Main Facade


Night decor

vintage park

Main Facade

Guns & Tanks


heritage house

Main Facade

Pre Partition

Post Partition